Does your organization have a message to get across vividly, quickly and colorfully? Looking for a new way to promote your product or service? Accucon can help!

    Promotional labels are a cost-effective way to reach out and get that message to your audience. Rolls or sheeted, promotional labels are used for window or bumper stickers, fast food bag or pizza box messages. They are terrific for new product introductions or specials. Promotional labels are a valuable marketing tool at conventions, fairs and wherever there are large gatherings of people. Consider promotional labels for political campaigns, product awareness or to promote an event.

    Do you need labels for that oddly shaped product that you would like to put on your shelf to sell to your customers? Do you need something that is reliable and made well? Do you want a label that is attractively designed? Are you the type of company who prefers to pay for high quality labels that will last rather than cheap labels that crack, peel and scratch easily? Our roll wrap labels are very popular and widely used because they are everything that a good company desires for its products to make them stand out above the rest.

    Our promotional labels and stickers can be small and simple, or large and multi-colored. We can produce them on paper or film. We can even use removable adhesive on your promotional stickers making them safe for cars and clothing!

    Our roll wrap labels will smoothly curl around that difficult to dress product, such as bottles, jars, cans and more. These labels will be devoid of any unsightly wrinkles that are seen on some roll wrap labels. These high-quality labels are manufactured using only the finest materials that will last. Our roll wrap labels can be applied to many different shapes of containers, which include cylinder, spherical and rectangular shapes. Our artistically designed roll wrap labels are produced using top notch graphics and print. These labels can be applied to many different types of surfaces, including glass, metal or plastic. A wide variety of roll wrap label materials and thicknesses are available to our customers. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and get exactly what they want and what they pay for. Our labels are made of materials that are well-constructed. They stand up to and resist tearing, moisture and scratches.

    Promotional stickers have proven to be effective for temporary product campaigns and price reductions. They are a great way to promote radio or TV stations and websites. They've been used by car dealers and real estate companies. Promotional stickers can be used to cross-promote like-minded products, or draw attention to new changes to an existing product.

    Promotional labels can save the cost of a full reprint of a packaging label, adding just the right spark to spur interest and sales. No matter what product or service you have, promotional labels from Accucon can help you get your message across.

    Our labels must pass a series of quality control tests before we release them to our customers for their use. We want our customers to have the best quality labels for their products. We take pride in our labels and want you to take pride in them too.

    Accucon has the equipment, staff and expertise to deliver quality promotional labels for your company on budget and on time…no matter what the size of your order. Let us help you with a full range of effective, attention getting promotional ideas and products. Contact Accucon today for a fast and easy quote for your promotional labels and stickers.