Why choose Accucon?

Why not utilize our vast experience, expertise and skill to seamlessly transform your label ideas into successful marketing opportunities. From inception to fruition, we’ll literally take your concepts to the next level without skimping on the exceptional service.

Join our extensive range of clients in a wide variety of industries, from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food and drink, throughout the New England who reap the rewards of our customer service on a daily basis.

What Can We Offer You?

All types of amazing top quality custom labels in a range of finishes, from part printed and pre-printed to blank self adhesive labels. And even print them in whatever quantity you require and in whichever format suits you best, from rolls and sheets to single labels.

About Us & What We Do

Accucon was established in 1989 as a narrow-web flexographic printing facility to convert pressure sensitive roll stock into manufacturers' UPC's and product identification labels. Manufacturers have moved away from packaging products in blister packs or other complicated cartons in favor of labeling for reasons of cost and environmental impact. We are constantly striving to produce the highest quality pressure sensitive labels for industries in Central Massachusetts. Learn More

Our Labels

Promotional labels are a cost-effective way to reach out and get that message to your audience. Rolls or sheeted, promotional labels are used for window or bumper stickers, fast food bag or pizza box messages. They are terrific for new product introductions or specials. Promotional labels are a valuable marketing tool at conventions, fairs and wherever there are large gatherings of people. Consider promotional labels for political campaigns, product awareness or to promote an event. Learn More


What sets Accucon apart from design firms is our ability to avoid the costly production pitfalls. In other words, we get our customers to the end-product faster and with less associated costs by drawing on our print production knowledge. You can benefit from our graphic designers' expertise in creating the perfect label for you and your needs. Learn More

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